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QR Series

QR Series compressors are ideal for industrial applications, producing operating pressures as high as 500 PSIG. They are available in complete assemblies to meet your specific needs. All components are manufactured in the USA. The compressors are assembled in our facility in Centralia, Washington. See Brochure

Reciprocating Air Compressors
Pressure Lubricated
3-15 HP

Inside the QR Series

What features make the QR compressor the best?

Quincy Northwest QR Series - Rogers Machinery Company, Inc.


Oil Pump
A positive displacement oil pump forces lubricating oil through a 5-micron filter to a rifle-drilled crankshaft and connecting rods. All moving parts are lubricated, cleansed and cooled by this oil flow.

Loadless start
At start-up, the QR will not start compressing air until the necessary oil pressure is established.

Lubrication safety
Loss of lubrication during operation is the most common cause of destructive failure in oil-lubricated compressors. The QR, using Quincy's patented Safe-Q-Lube system, automatically unloads the compressor if oil pressure drops below set limits. The compressor remains unloaded until oil pressure is re-established.

Lubrication protection
The QR is equipped with a full-flow, spin-on, 5-micron filter which removes contaminants from oil before oil starts recirculating.


Cast iron construction
The QR's cast iron construction of all stationary parts provides sufficient weight and strength to ensures smooth operation.

Oversize bearings
The QR has oversized, tapered roller bearings to provide reliable operation and extraordinary life.

Disc valves
Heavy-duty, self-lapping disc valves combine high efficiency and low maintenance

Balanced crankshaft
The counterweighted crankshaft is dynamically balanced for low vibration operation.